The Langeland coastline in Denmark

Small country, great nature: where to be blown away by Denmark's nature

Denmark may not be the biggest of countries, but its nature still packs a powerful punch. You can find everything from steep cliffs to deep-blue lakes and even a glmpse into space. These are the most impressive spots not to be missed on your trip through Denmark.

Denmark's most stunning natural sight

Hot take: Mountains are overrated. Cliffs are much better. After a visit to the white cliffs of Møn on the south of Zealand, we're sure you will feel the same way. Reaching 128 metres above the beach and covering a seven kilometer stretch, the chalky white cliffs are a breathtaking sight. The nature around the cliffs is so spectacular that it has been selected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve because of its multitude of flora and fauna and its work with nature preservation - and there's a high chance you'll find fossils on the beach nearby too.

Møns Klint, Sjælland, Denmark

Bird spotting in Møn

In the daytime, you can have a walk through the lush beech forest or spot the world’s fastest known bird, the Peregrine Falcon, which is known to breed in the area. If you choose to stay the night, you can experience the Dark Sky phenomenon. Because the area is so far from cities and light pollution, the starry sky is exceptionally clear in above Møn making it Denmark’s first Dark Sky Park.  

Fenomenet Dark sky vid Möns Klint
A tent pitched at Camp Møns Klint on a starry night.

Watching the stars in Zealand

If you want to get even closer to the night sky, the Brorfelde Observatory in Zealand houses Denmark’s largest stargazing telescope, Discovery. Through its lifetime, the telescope has been used to discover more than 100 asteroids and today, it is open to public. The experience centre opened in 2016 hosting all sorts of tours and events focusing on bringing people a little closer to the fascinating space.

The old buildings are listed and so is the dark night sky above the 40 hectare Brorfelde area in order to ensure a clear view of the stars. When you have had a look at the telescope and a hike through the area, it is recommended that you take a rest in one of the observatory’s open-air hammocks for the most chilled kind of space observation.

Brorfelde Observatorium

Climbing and nature in Bornholm

The island of Bornholm in the Baltic is known to be filled with a unique combination of nature phenomena. Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where the basement rock reaches the surface making the island a paradise for rock climbers and everyone with a thing for dramatic, rocky coastlines.

Cliffs near Hammer Harbour Bornholm

Cliffs and lakes in Bornholm

The Sanctuary Cliffs on the northeast side of Bornholm’s coastline are particularly spectacular. Caves are scattered along the coast and some reach as much as 60 metres into the cliffs. If you venture north-west, you will reach the beautiful Opal Lake nestled in between steep cliffs. The deep lake was created as a result of the granite export from the island. Depending on the season, you can swim in or ice skate on the lake. If you are looking for an extra thrill, try the 290-metre zipline across the lake.

Der Opalsee auf Bornholm in der Dänischen Ostsee

Drama in North Jutland

North Jutland is another Danish region known for its spectacular nature. The must-see is Grenen, which is the northernmost spot in Denmark. Here, you can stand with one leg in the Kattegat and one leg in the North Sea and have the two seas visibly clashing around you. You can head there by walking along the beach or you can cruise in the tractor-driven vehicle, Sandormen, which has been driving adventurers around for over five decades.

Die Wanderdüne Råbjerg Mile in Nordjütland
Råbjerg Mile
Die Spitze von Dänemark Grenen in Skagen in Nordjütland

Welcome to Denmark's great outdoors!

Strap on your hiking boots, bring your swimming kit, and let's explore the wonders of Danish nature!

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