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Woman walking in a field of bright yellow flowers
Woman kayaking past coloured houses in Christianshavn

All the things you should try when you're here

Foto:Sarah Green / VisitNordSjælland&Mathias Brandt

There are plenty of things to do in Denmark you know!

We have got big, famous attractions of course. But, before you click there! Why not get to know our quirks and customs, our food and our neighbourhoods...the things to do. Then a little bit of our everyday wonder might rub off on you, too. And isn’t that what travel is all about? We think so! 

How to find wonder in the things you see

It might happen while you're cycling with Danes in Copenhagen for the first time. Or watching the black sun murmurations over the Wadden Sea National Park. We have plenty of things to do and see in our little Danish island. Need a starting point? These are the unique and unusual things to do in Denmark!

When are you thinking about coming?

With each season in Denmark comes a unique set of experiences to try. And remember, we Danes believe there's no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothing choices.

Kirschblüten,  Bispebjerg Friedhof, Kopenhagen


Heartland Festival bei Schloss Egeskov auf Fünen
Summer icon


Naturspektakel Schwarze Sonne im Nationalpark Wattenmeer an der Süddänischen Nordsee
Autumn icon


Winterbaden in Klitmøller in Nordjütland
Winter icon


Danes heart design!

From iconic buildings to world-famous furniture, seeing the way design is blended into Danish life is a good way to re-focus on the simplicity and beauty of daily life. In other words, come and stare at pretty things. There's plenty to see and do!

Heading into the city or into the wild?

If you're thinking of starting in our capital, Copenhagen, here's a handy guide for things to do in each distinct neighbourhood. If it's the peace of our nature you're after, we've gathered all the highlights to do here for you too!

Before you go, we'll just squeeze a couple more ideas for you to do...

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