The white cliffs of Møn are located south of Copenhagen

Safe travel and COVID-19

Foto: Sascha Bendix

As of Feb. 1st Denmark no longer considers COVID-19 a critical disease and is removing its restrictions. Find all information and corona measures in Denmark here.  

Country by country information

Visit our local language sites for relevant information, or read on if your country isn't mentioned below. Rules and restrictions are subject to change - check the Danish Government's Covid Travel Rules site for the most up to date information.

The Langeland coastline in Denmark
Der Opalsee auf Bornholm in der Dänischen Ostsee
Ferienhäuser in Løkken in Nordjütland
Mols Bjerge in Djursland
A drone view of Henne Mølle Å hotel, a beach hotel on the west coast of Denmark
The Netherlands

Visiting Denmark

Updated information and guidelines about entry and travel in Denmark.

 Vaccinated and previously infected can enter Denmark from all countries without testing or isolation. Exceptions may apply so please check carefully on the Danish Government's info website for fully updated rules and regulations.

It is no longer mandatory to wear face masks or show COVID-19 passports in Denmark. Stay updated on all rules and restrictions here

Covid Travel Rules

Foto: Dennis Lundby