Street Food-Markt "Storms Pakhus" in Odense auf Fünen, Dänemark

9 things you can only try on Fyn!

Go beyond the home of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense and explore Denmark’s green heartbeat. Fyn is covered in gardens, woods, parks and connected to its own archipelago. It’s nearly impossible not to see a castle on Fyn, an island full of unique attractions too like bridgewalking!

Street-Food-Markt Storms in Odense auf Fünen

Mingle with the locals at Odense’s street food market

Odense now has its own street food hotspot, Storms Pakhus, where you can rub up against the locals and try world cuisine in the cool surroundings of an old warehouse. And don’t worry, it’s warmer than it sounds. Some might even say it’s hyggeligt. (Note: Hipster beard is optional.)