The floating shelter "Havhytten" is located off the coast at Hvide Klint in North Zealand, just an hour from Copenhagen
Roskilde Fjord

Denmark’s most stunning wild shelters

A room with a view is nice enough. But why not put yourself IN the view? (If you know what we mean!). A shelter gives you the whole multi-sensory experience of nature - and with a reassuring lack of man-eating animals, camping with your loved ones can be a wild yet relaxing experience. 

The view from inside the shelter located at Skåret on the island of Ærø.

Skåret shelterplads

The Lumo designer shelters are trending for a reason. These wild shelters combine two very Danish things: Beautiful, functional design set in a landscape of forests, beaches and rolling hills which is easy to escape into. This one is perfectly situated on the beach of the east coast of the island Ærø, and offers scenic seaside views in the morning.