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Skjern River

The area around Skjern Å offers unique outdoor experiences and invites you to exciting activities. At Skjern Å, anglers have the unique possibility of catching the famous "Skjern Å-salmon”, which have been in the area since the last ice age 10.000 years ago.

Skjern Å is a breathtaking area, with scenic surroundings and a lot of local stories to dive into.  

Herning Municipality is the landowner of the south side of Skjern Å in Sdr. Felding. There is free fishing with fishing rods from 16 April to 15 October on the marked stretch.

Minimum size, closed seasons and the Order of fishing in Skjern river system must be obeyed. Fish caught that are under the minimum size must be released back to the water as soon as possible. Salmon is protected in the municipal area.

A fishing license is a must: www.fisketegn.dk

Skjern Å Sammenslutning – Mandatory fishing regulations

For more information please visit Skjern Å Sammenslutningens website

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