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MEZZA - small delicacies shared at the table or assortment of small dishes, originally served as hors d'oeuvre, but can constitute a whole meal. At Mezza, however, it is not just the taste that is essential. It calls for a holistic experience that pampers all your senses - including your sight.

It is characteristic. Refined. Delicate and colorful. The Lebanese cuisine, where herbs, pomegranate, mint, cinnamon and lemon provide freshness and taste that is never dominated by strong spices. Taboulé, makanek and fatté are just a few of the well-known dishes that make a visit to Mezza an intense taste experience.

Mountains, the deep valleys, wide fields, the flowering meadows and trees, the Mediterranean Sea - the whole diversity of the country is also reflected in its cuisine. At Mezza you can use this diversity and make it your own story. You can combine our special dishes to suit your taste, appetite and the length of the evening.

Enjoy the moment!