Keramikværkstedet (The Ceramics Workshop)

The old insulin factory in Hedegaard, near Ejstrupholm, houses the two ceramist Nina Lund and Jean-Francois Thierion. Both artist work with clay, where they each create different types of unique art.

The old factory creates an interesting and colorful atmosphere, where Nina creates handicrafts and Jean-Francois creates extravagant artwork in the shape of foot-tall jars, which he also exhibits around the world.

The atmosphere exudes crafts, great products, and authenticity.

Nina shines with her unique feature in the creation of different crafts, along with jars, stools, vases, benches and so forth. Her work radiates creativity and good craftsmanship.

Other than running her own shop, she also puts on exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2015 Nina participated in the Danish tv-show “Made in Denmark” which she won, by creating her very own and exclusive urn.

Visit the ceramic workshop, where it is also possible to get a view into the creative ways of the artists’ work processes. Don’t forget to visit the first floor, where it is also possible to experience different exhibitions, while also visiting the shop.

The ceramic workshop is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am -5pm. The workshop opens in May.

Read more about the workspace and the two talented ceramics here.